Lianna Carrera is a comic with gears. A one-two punch of wit and thoughtfulness that continues to connect long after the mic turns off, she departs from a room, or her words have left our screen. 

Lianna grew up as the gay kid of a Southern Baptist Minister and her mother and brothers are Deaf. This background propels her to authentically maneuver, create, and connect with a wide array of audiences that have two things in common: the belief that we are more alike than we aren't and the desire to laugh. The result is a rare find both as a comedian and as a human being. 

There are comedians who seem only to seek the adulation of laughter poured upon them, and then there are those who usher us through the truth of ourselves into a place of deeper peace. Lianna Carrera has a great capacity for the latter.
— Grammy Nominated Musician & Wordsmith, Jennifer Knapp

Next we have a more poignant take on Lianna Carrera.

[Lianna is] fucking Funny.
— Barefoot Brevity Blog

We couldn’t agree more!  Lianna is poised for continued success. Whether she is blogging for Huffington Post Comedy, performing stand-up comedy around the world (Ireland, South Africa, USA, Dominican Republic), teaming up with CAA to parlay her comedic talents to creating for television, Lianna Carrera is the total package. A comic who will continue to make us laugh to think. Like we said, Gears.